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18 Mars 2016, 02:37:23 Dernière édition: 18 Mars 2016, 02:40:55 par pandaren
I am new to OGspy and i'd like to help on the translation to brazilian portuguese
I've never used Bitbucket and i'm not a programmer, just know C language, some VBA and had some fun making websites.
I know english and i am learning french.

Is there some lang file that can be used?
I would start translating those files 1st and later i could work on the documentation.


Hi Pandaren,

We use a tool for translation : transifex.

You can find our projects here : https://www.transifex.com/ogsteam/
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So, what do i do?
Download the source file, translate it and then upload to transifex?

ps.:I'll need the french and english, because i'm just learning french


In fact you can edit directly on the Website. There is a web interface to edit files and translate strings.

When you click on a ressource a pop should appears and a green button translate should be present to start the tool.

Another question have you created an account in transifex ? I need to add you in the team :-)
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oh, i submitted to translate to portuguese as danieltak

and i can't just get this answer "Jeu du Pendu avec le nom de notre outil : OGS.. (2 Lettres manquates):"
i answer py or PY


The full answer is ogspy. But after 3 posts you should not have more questions.
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To translate from english to pt, i think you need to open the 2 translations. French -> english and Franch -> pt

When english will be fully translated i will be able to create a new project based on english
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For info i fixed the problem with installer. I need to add you language flag in the tool :-)
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Oh that's good
I'll try to finish the translation till tomorrow
And i'm having problems installing the Xtense and using... But i think it´s another topic


Xtense Module is not translated yet. I only translated the browser extension. I need to take a look at that :-)
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I enjoyed "studying" french, I didn't even use the english translation. I used linguee =]
Now i finished everything on the OGSpy 3.2.0 project
If you want i can translate the other projects or documentation

I tried to install Xtense on my Chrome to use on brazilian servers, but it is not working... and acessing the link of the Xtense, comes with the word 'Hack' Oo



23 Mars 2016, 18:45:17 #11 Dernière édition: 23 Mars 2016, 18:47:21 par darknoon
Your next step is to come in france for some holidays :-)

Thanks for the work on OGSpy. I will include soon the files into the project.

There are now 2 mods to translate : Xtense and autoupdate
I uploaded the file for Xtense translation to transifex but i still need to update the code with strings.

Concerning Autoupdate that will be easier because strings are already extracted.

On Documentation i asked Capi to check if we can upgrade our wiki to multilingual format.

Other subject:

OGame requires now an HTTPS OGSpy server. So to be compatible you will need to change your server configuration.

There is some doc in french here : http://wiki.ogsteam.fr/doku.php?id=ogspy:documentationxtense
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23 Mars 2016, 19:49:28 #12 Dernière édition: 23 Mars 2016, 20:21:45 par pandaren
Well i know english too
If you want help on the english translations, i can help...

And do you need some help on programming also? I started studying some PHP, it doesn't seem hard to learn

And Brazil is $#@$@%@#$, our currency is so devaluated =P and we are in the middle of a huge political and economic crisis
Try to convert Euro to BRL, you should come to Brazil, now it's cheap for europeans

The Xtense for Chrome didn'y appear on my Ogame page


What is your universe url in ogame ?
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